Is this paid work or work experience?

No. For now, being a TipStart Ambassador is a voluntary activity that involves certain non-guaranteed rewards (like merch). But, by being an ambassador you will gain skills and experience that will be valuable in a professional context, such as networking, communication and administration. You never know - the experience of being a TipStart Ambassador could help you nail that interview for your dream grad job. As an Ambassador, you will also have the option to be featured on our public website. And we love to give shout-outs to our most successful ambassadors on social media. This can really help develop the kind of proactive, enthusiastic and civically-minded online presence that appeals to employers.

Can anyone become a TipStart Ambassador?

To become a TipStart Ambassador you only need to be studying at a UK-based university or higher education institution. You do not need to be a user of the TipStart platform, although we do encourage our TipStarters to become Ambassadors. No other prior experience is necessary. To apply, use our Typeform.

My university already has a TipStart Ambassador, can I become one too?

Not currently. We are limiting each university to one ambassador. But do reach out to the current ambassador to work with them - details on the home page - as we’re open to any informal arrangements you can agree. Even without the title, you can still be a great advocate and we’d really appreciate your time and effort.

If I fill out the Typeform do I immediately become a TipStart Ambassador?

No. Because we receive multiple applicants from each university, we review the answers to each question and make a selection. We will notify you of the outcome, via email, either way. If it has been a couple of weeks, this might be because we are waiting to allow for a couple of additional applicants.

Is there a budget to support TipStart Ambassador activities?

There is not currently a set financial budget for TipStart Ambassadors. However, we are open to receiving requests for specific activities that have a money cost. We will consider each request and respond accordingly. The more creative the idea, the more likely we are to fund it.